Over 2,000 Impulses burnt this month 

With a supply of 240,000 Impulse, the FDR team burned more than 2,000 Impulse this month, corresponding to just under 1% of the total supply. However, if we calculate that only 5% has been released, i.e. there are only 12,000 Impulse in circulation, the percentage of burnt Impulse exceeds 20%.

Take a look directly on the BSC


Impulse is holding up well in the bear market. Someone joking on the Impulse channel on Telegram even said « Impulse is becoming a stablecoin », which in times like these equates to a good accumulation reserve.

And lots of news in the FDR universe

That said, the Impulse’s buybacks have been suspended for a few weeks, but the FDR team has not been idle:

  • They purchased mining machines that will be used to generate buybacks on Impulse and FDR
  • BTC with lightning network has been added on FYMN and We Host Files
  • There has been a substantial improvement of the statistics system on FYMN
  • A new platform for NFT is ready, prices will be adjusted monthly and a bidding system is now possible 
  • A new partnership in the acquisition of land in the real estate and production sites for goods and services related to experiential tourism, with a strong focus on environmental protection, always one of FDR’s main concerns.

While everyone was on holiday FDR was working hard to improve the ecosystem, here above two short overview for August and September :


FDR’s mission is to create value in this decentralized world : financial value, community value and environment value.

Stay tuned

SOURCE: publish0x.com