Global Operation, Decentralized & Eco-friendly

Born from a community project, French Digital Reserve is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to offer multiple financial services such as cash transfers, payments, savings or to get profits from DeFi tokens.

Get Passive Income Backed by DeFi

French Digital Reserve is one of the first masternode coin to maximize rewards values using DeFi tokens. The profits earned on the family of tokens are reinvested in the markets through massive buybacks. This daily action produces a permanent buying pressure in order to increase the value of your investment.


Works through a decentralized network. Payments are made without unnecessary control.


Build a masternodes to secure the blockchain or just hold coins in your wallet to get rewards.


Profits earned are reinvested into the markets to maximize the value of your invest.

Swap your FDR for WFDR

Easy to use, accessible on all web browsers

If you're not comfortable handling a desktop wallet, we've provided a bridge that allows transfers between our blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. This allows you to store your FDR as a wrapped token on your Metamask or Ledger hardware wallet.


A Bridge To The Decentralized Finance

We are proud to say that FDR stands among the pioneers of masternode coins in maximizing rewards value through DeFi tokens. The profits generated from dividends received from various projects we‘ve invested in are reinvested in the markets. This daily action creates a continuous buying pressure aimed at increasing the value of your investment.

Find Your Masternodes

Free Masternodes Hosting

With our platform, you can host your FDR masternodes as well as masternodes from other projects. We‘re excited to announce that the first slot for hosting your FDR masternode is complimentary, and you can pay with FDR or any other cryptocurrencies available in our list of accepted coins.


Cloud and Encrypted Storage

Simple and efficient way to sync your files, share files securely with internal and external users. Our platform is highly useful for securely storing sensitive files, such as wallet information, in case of USB key loss or theft, ensuring you can access them even while traveling abroad. The potential use cases are diverse and cater to individual needs. You can conveniently pay for your subscription using FDR.

Masternodes Monitoring Service

Monitoring FDR Masternodes for Enhanced Oversight

Our masternode monitoring service is here to provide you with all the information you need for managing your portfolio, and it’s completely free for our community. You no longer need to spend hours in front of your screen monitoring your masternodes. Our automated website takes care of everything to provide you with a quality customer service experience.




Latest News

Unlocking the Future of Finance: The Fractal Ecosystem AMA

Unlocking the Future of Finance: The Fractal Ecosystem AMA

Before starting to read this article, please note that a French version is available here. We are excited to inform you that an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event is scheduled for early December. The exact date will be communicated to you soon. We want to further engage you...

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Coin Type

Tiered Masternodes /

Proof of Stake



Block Time

60 sec ( 1440 blocks/day )

Max Block Size

2 MB ( 154 TX/sec )

Min Stake Age

1H ( 60 blocks )

Coin Maturity


Max Coin Supply

24 000 000

RPC Port


P2P Port



Months Since Launch




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