Global Operation, Decentralized & Eco-friendly

Born from a community project, FDR is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to offer multiple financial services such as cash transfers, payments or savings.

The New Standard In Digital Payments

The multiplication of single-use currencies is a problem for mass adoption.
A single currency in the heart of an online service ecosystem, allowing to get multiple bonuses (discount, cashback or free hosting), it is no longer necessary to switch between several currencies to benefit from services.


Works through a decentralized network. Payments are made without unnecessary control.


Build a masternode to be a part of our network family and be rewarded with a 50%, 20% or 8% block payout reward.


Just hold coin in your wallet, you will get 17% block reward depending on network difficulty

Sending Payments

Be Your Own Bank

It begins with total security, keep full control over your funds, our wallets are available on Windows, Linux, Mac and Raspberry. With Tiered Masternodes or POS, get rewards every day, spend them on one of our platforms.

We Host Files

Send & Receive Unlimited Size File

Uses a simple, easy to understand, webmail-like interface for sending unlimited size files. Modern HTML 5 upload mechanism where supported. No Flash, Java or any other plugin used to send or download files.

Find Your Masternodes

Free Masternodes Hosting

An all-in-one site of tools for masternodes projects (Statistics, Hosting, Monitoring, Portfolio & more). We've made exclusive deals, French Digital Reserve masternodes are hosted for free.

Block To Gift

Buy Hundreds Of Gift Cards With Cryptocurrencies

Find the perfect gift from hundreds of gift cards, subscriptions for your favourite video games or travel with your family at a lower price. Register for free and discover the catalogue, view savings dedicated to the member community and enjoy attractives prices.

Web Wallet

Easy to use, accessible on all web browsers

If you are not comfortable setting up desktop wallets, we have provided a Web Wallet to make it easier for you to access your funds and send money to the services of your choice.



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Months Since Launch

Latest News

WeHostFiles – File Hosting Platform Launched In May 2020.

WeHostFiles – File Hosting Platform Launched In May 2020.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first WE HOST FILES service in May. You can now visit the site or follow us on Twitter. As a reminder, here is the list of features: Encrypted emails File sharing (without size limitation) Sharing folders as a team...

Expand Your Knowledge

If you are new to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, learn the terms and definitions, you need to educate yourself because investing or trading is a risky business.


Discover the members behind the project.

G. Falgas

Founder & CEO

C. Gomez


F. Becker


E. Le Calonnec

Technical Support

S. Joly


J. Kervarrec

Graphic Designer

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Join our international community, stay up to date with the latest news, do not hesitate to come and communicate with our teams.

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Would you like to add our currency as a payment method on your platform? Do not hesitate to contact us.