How does it work ?

We are proud to say that FDR stands among the pioneers of masternode coins in maximizing rewards value through DeFi tokens. The profits generated from dividends received from various projects we‘ve invested in are reinvested in the markets. This daily action creates a continuous buying pressure aimed at increasing the value of your investment. IMPULSE derives its profits from investments in several cryptocurrency projects, backed by a BEP20 token and utilized within the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) on PancakeSwap. It is designed to evolve organically without resorting to private and/or public sales.


Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain BEP-20
Contract page:

Total Supply: 240 000 IMPULSE
Circulating supply (on Feb 11rd): 6 696
Nature: Central-controlled deflationary compounder
Marketing and Community Rewards: None
Development Fund: None
Pre-Sale: None
Private-Sale: None
Public-Sale: None
Initial Uniswap liquidity Before moving On BSC: 4 ETH <-> 400 IMPULSE
Transactions Fees : 2 % for the holders, 2% send to a DCA Algorithm


Token Contract: 0xd2fb841ad6f0655f8993461ff7e7669a5f61545f

Contract Code: #code

Token IMPULSE v2 Holder and PancakeSwap Trade / Liquidity movements: 0xd2fb841ad6f0655f8993461ff7e7669a5f61545f

IMPULSE v2 Holders : 


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