SMARDEX Protocol: DeFi Revolution – Impermanent Loss Elimination, Gains, and Security

SMARDEX Protocol: DeFi Revolution – Impermanent Loss Elimination, Gains, and Security

We are extremely excited to announce a major strategic change in our liquidity pool. Until now, we have been using the WFDR – BUSD pool for our operations, but due to Binance discontinuing BUSD support, we have made the decision to migrate to the WFDR – USDT pool on the SMARDEX DEX. In this article, we will explain why this decision is crucial and how it will benefit our entire community.

SMARDEX: The Solution to Impermanent Loss in DeFi
SMARDEX is a groundbreaking Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that introduces an innovative solution to a well-known problem in the world of DeFi: Impermanent Loss (IL). IL occurs when users provide tokens to a liquidity pool, and the price of those tokens fluctuates, potentially leading to losses. Managing IL has been a major challenge until now, but SMARDEX is a game-changer.

The SMARDEX protocol is based on liquidity management formulas that use « Fictive Reserve (FR) » as its cornerstone. Unlike previous attempts, SMARDEX resolves the IL problem in a novel way. As an open-source Smart Contract, it operates on multiple blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and more.

Transforming Impermanent Loss into Impermanent Gain (IG)
What sets SMARDEX apart is its ability to transform Impermanent Loss into « Impermanent Gain (IG). » It heralds a new era for DeFi by offering an innovative solution based on robust technical principles and advanced security measures. Users can now trade decentralized ERC20 tokens while minimizing potential losses.

Why Migrate to the WFDR – USDT Pool on SMARDEX?
In our migration to the WFDR – USDT pool on SMARDEX, our primary goal is to offer our liquidity providers higher yields and a more stable experience. This transition to SMARDEX is a crucial step in enhancing opportunities for our crypto community.

We understand that this decision may raise technical questions, which is why we will soon release a comprehensive user guide that will delve into the workings of the SMARDEX protocol.

In Conclusion
We are confident that this strategic decision will open up exciting new possibilities for our crypto community. Your continued support is appreciated, and we look forward to accompanying you in this new phase of our crypto project.

Stay tuned for more stimulating information and updates. With SMARDEX, we are poised to revolutionize DeFi and provide a more stable, secure, and potentially lucrative trading experience.

Join us in this journey and discover how the SMARDEX Protocol can improve your trading operations and the management of your digital assets. The cryptocurrency exchange revolution is underway, and this is the perfect time to be a part of it.

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New mobile wallet for FDR

New mobile wallet for FDR

FDR takes another small step towards the financial autonomy of its users, by integrating VIDULUM.

VIDULUM is a mobile wallet application for smartphones that allows users to securely store, receive and send crypto-currencies in a decentralised manner. Unlike custodial wallets, VIDULUM does not store users’ private keys, which means users have full control over their digital assets.

To use VIDULUM to store your FDR, here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the VIDULUM app from the App Store or Google Play Store and create a new account by following the on-screen instructions.
  • On the main VIDULUM screen, press the « Add a new crypto-currency » button.
  • Look for « FDR » in the list of crypto-currencies and select it.
  • Scan the QR code of your FDR address or manually enter the address of your FDR wallet.
  • Name your FDR wallet and click on « Add ».
  • Congratulations! You can now store and manage your FDR in your VIDULUM wallet.

Be sure to take additional security measures to protect your VIDULUM wallet, such as enabling two-step verification and saving your private keys in a secure, offline location.

Ultimately, VIDULUM is a convenient solution for people looking to store and manage their crypto-currency in a secure and user-friendly way. I hope this tutorial has been helpful and will allow you to enjoy the VIDULUM experience in managing your FDR.

A new platform for FDreserve to be able to place your sales offers at the prices of your choice

A new platform for FDreserve to be able to place your sales offers at the prices of your choice

During the month of September we have studied and implemented a strategy to diversify the impulse funds. Part of the funds will be used for mining and the other part is used to DCA a list of high potential projects offering us staking rewards.

This choice comes from the fact that we are now in the heart of the bear market, and certainly only a few months from the bottom of this cycle.
We therefore believe that the coming months will offer the best opportunities for DCA in the market to take staking and mining profits that will gain strength throughout the next bull market.

Buybacks were put on hold for the same reason throughout September, and will slowly pick up over the next few months (as we commit capital via DCA), only to pick up steam as the market begins the rise of the future bull market.

Regarding Impulse, we have developed a platform that will allow you to place pre-release bids on tokens. This means that by connecting your Bsc address you will have access on (the platform only) to the total balance of vested Impulses, and will have the possibility to place your sales offers at the prices of your choice.

We will proceed to the vast majority of buybacks directly on this platform, buying back the lowest bids. When we proceed to the buybacks, the sellers will receive directly the Busd on their address, and we will burn the corresponding Impulses.

Here is the link to the platform:


Over 2,000 Impulses burnt this month and lots of news in the FDR universe

Over 2,000 Impulses burnt this month and lots of news in the FDR universe

Over 2,000 Impulses burnt this month 

With a supply of 240,000 Impulse, the FDR team burned more than 2,000 Impulse this month, corresponding to just under 1% of the total supply. However, if we calculate that only 5% has been released, i.e. there are only 12,000 Impulse in circulation, the percentage of burnt Impulse exceeds 20%.

Take a look directly on the BSC


Impulse is holding up well in the bear market. Someone joking on the Impulse channel on Telegram even said « Impulse is becoming a stablecoin », which in times like these equates to a good accumulation reserve.

And lots of news in the FDR universe

That said, the Impulse’s buybacks have been suspended for a few weeks, but the FDR team has not been idle:

  • They purchased mining machines that will be used to generate buybacks on Impulse and FDR
  • BTC with lightning network has been added on FYMN and We Host Files
  • There has been a substantial improvement of the statistics system on FYMN
  • A new platform for NFT is ready, prices will be adjusted monthly and a bidding system is now possible 
  • A new partnership in the acquisition of land in the real estate and production sites for goods and services related to experiential tourism, with a strong focus on environmental protection, always one of FDR’s main concerns.

While everyone was on holiday FDR was working hard to improve the ecosystem, here above two short overview for August and September :


FDR’s mission is to create value in this decentralized world : financial value, community value and environment value.

Stay tuned


Impulse by FDR is skyrocketing naturally and inexorably

Impulse by FDR is skyrocketing naturally and inexorably

Impulse in name and in fact

Without any external advertising, marketing or forced pump effect, Impulse by FDR is climbing inexorably towards the Olympus of best-performing tokens in 2021 – 2022. Its ratio to the price of Bitcoin has more than doubled from 0.0015 BTC to 0.004 BTC in the last 9 months. Compared to Ethereum, it has tripled. Take a look directly on Coingecko


What is its strength?

A community that shares the same goal, a close-knit team and regular buybacks that inexorably increase the price over the medium to long term.
The secrets of Impulse’s success are not secrets, they are the basic ingredients that should underpin any blockchain project, namely humility, transparency, support, patience and consistency. Take a look directly on official Impulse site:

Here how does it work :




Merge joins Find Your Masternode hosting service

Merge joins Find Your Masternode hosting service

Another great masternode project join Find Your Masternode hosting service powered by FDR

There are already many projects hosted on FYMN, here a special one : Merge. French Digital Reserve shares its purpose as a community collaborative masternode project, with a developpement based on the creativity of their users. Code serves humans, their needs and their creativity. 

Merge facilitates blockchain and non-blockchain services and acts as a trusted third party that pays for those services for you to use with your investment. You get back the tokens you invested once you stop using the services they provided.

We can see in the future many synergyc cross-chain collaborations between FDR and Merge communities. An Ecosystem Merge is when two groups agree to fully merge their resources and relationship capital for the benefit of the many. The more frictionless the ecosystem merger is, the more exponential the outcome.

Merge attracts developers who create their own software apps, tools and solutions, being them blockchain and non-blockchain based. As a developer, they help you bringing your creations to the market and transitioning them to Software as a Service. You then get compensated when users and partners use your services. Merge Ecosystem

Merge is the collaborative result of multi-functional teams and individuals who focus on providing Software as a Service (SaaS) powered by the Blockchain. With the support of the MERGE Cryptocurrency, it provides a wide range of solutions for crypto and non-crypto oriented users, teams, and companies.

Celebrate this milestone by retweet this post and follow. 100 $FDR and 3000 $MERGE giveaway and 4 Winners drawn at random 25 $FDR / 750 $MERGE per winner will be allocated thanks to Rocketbot provided by Merge.

Visit the Merge site, start creating your dream blockchain project.

Disclaimer : This post is partially copy/pasted from Merge site