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The Wrapped FDR


CONTRACT : 0x0088947C06094D9ddFAcFfA93e1AbA8f63c8221a

The Wrapped FDR or wFDR is a 1:1 swap of the original FDR 
Swap can be done by our Bi-Directional Bridge 
You cans swap FDR to wFDR and wFDR to FDR
For now wFDR is only on Binance Smart Chain


Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain BBEP-20
Token Contract: 0x0088947C06094D9ddFAcFfA93e1AbA8f63c8221a
1:1 Convertion wFDR to FDR or FDR to wFDR minus the bridge fees 
Burn and Mint Token
Transaction fees :  None 
Sells Fees : 7% if the price impact is > 3% ( can evolve )

Usefull Links

wFDR Contract

Pancake Swap Pool 

CoinGecko FDR

How does it work ? 

You can have wFDR by 2 ways :

– Buy it on Pancake Swap

– Convert your FDR to wFDR by using the bridge