Hashning: Revolutionizing Investment through Hash Power and Bitcoin

Hashning: Revolutionizing Investment through Hash Power and Bitcoin

In a constantly evolving world where digital finance is becoming increasingly significant, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential to offer unique and profitable investment opportunities. With this vision, we present our latest project: the Hashning token. This revolutionary token represents a share of hash power used to mine bitcoins, providing a transparent and potentially highly lucrative investment model. Let’s explore the details of this ambitious project and discover why it is essential for our investor community.

What is the Hashning Token?

The Hashning token represents a major innovation in digital investments. Each token symbolizes a portion of hash power utilized by several trusted providers to mine bitcoins. The bitcoins generated are reinvested into the Hashning project (75%) and used to fund FDR (25%), ensuring continuous token appreciation.

Why Invest in the Hashning Token?

An Innovative and Transparent Investment:

Total Transparency: The Hashning token ensures complete transparency in the the distribution of mined bitcoins. Unlike traditional investments where traceability and clarity are often lacking, Hashning offers full visibility at every step of the process. Blockchain and Security: By leveraging blockchain technology, each transaction is secure, immutable, and easily verifiable, providing an extra layer of trust and security for investors.

Strategic Profit Distribution:

Reinvestment in the Project: 75% of the mined bitcoins are reinvested directly into the Hashning project, allowing continuous improvement of mining infrastructure and capabilities. Funding FDR: The remaining 25% funds FDR, diversifying revenue sources and supporting other initiatives within our ecosystem.

Accessibility and Flexibility:

Multiple Acquisition Methods: Hashning tokens can be purchased using WFDR, masternode rewards, or any other asset available on SMARDEX, making the investment both accessible and flexible. Comparison with Traditional Investments: Unlike traditional assets like stocks or bonds, which often require intermediaries and incur high fees, the Hashning token offers direct acquisition, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

A Strengthened Ecosystem with WFDR:

Indexation on WFDR: All our future projects, including Hashning and Impulse, will be indexed to WFDR. This indexation enhances the resilience and stability of our ecosystem, ensuring harmonious and sustainable growth. Ecosystem Cohesion: Indexation on WFDR ensures synergy among all projects, facilitating smooth integration and mutual valuation within our ecosystem.

The Impact of Hashning on Our Ecosystem

The launch of the Hashning token marks a crucial step in our overall strategy. By strengthening our ecosystem with innovative and complementary projects, we create a positive and sustainable dynamic. The Hashning token, as a new player in our ecosystem, not only offers compelling investment opportunities but also contributes to the robustness and diversity of our offerings.

Comparison with Traditional Finance

Traditional Investment vs. Hashning Token:

Transparency and Traceability: Traditional investments often lack transparency, with hidden fees and limited traceability. In contrast, the Hashning token offers total transparency thanks to blockchain technology. Flexibility and Accessibility: Unlike stocks or bonds that require brokers and complex processes, the Hashning token can be easily acquired and traded on SMARDEX. Profit Distribution: Profits generated from bitcoin mining are reinvested into the project and partially used to support FDR, offering double valuation for investors.

The Hashning project represents a unique opportunity for our investor community. By offering a share of hash power, strategic profit distribution, and flexible accessibility, we create an innovative and transparent investment model. The indexation on WFDR further strengthens our ecosystem, ensuring harmonious and sustainable growth. We invite you to join this exciting venture and discover the many benefits of the Hashning token.

To learn more about the Hashning project and how to participate, join our Discord server and visit our website for the latest updates. Together, let’s make this venture a resounding success and help build an innovative and sustainable financial future.

SMARDEX Protocol: DeFi Revolution – Impermanent Loss Elimination, Gains, and Security

SMARDEX Protocol: DeFi Revolution – Impermanent Loss Elimination, Gains, and Security

We are extremely excited to announce a major strategic change in our liquidity pool. Until now, we have been using the WFDR – BUSD pool for our operations, but due to Binance discontinuing BUSD support, we have made the decision to migrate to the WFDR – USDT pool on the SMARDEX DEX. In this article, we will explain why this decision is crucial and how it will benefit our entire community.

SMARDEX: The Solution to Impermanent Loss in DeFi
SMARDEX is a groundbreaking Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that introduces an innovative solution to a well-known problem in the world of DeFi: Impermanent Loss (IL). IL occurs when users provide tokens to a liquidity pool, and the price of those tokens fluctuates, potentially leading to losses. Managing IL has been a major challenge until now, but SMARDEX is a game-changer.

The SMARDEX protocol is based on liquidity management formulas that use « Fictive Reserve (FR) » as its cornerstone. Unlike previous attempts, SMARDEX resolves the IL problem in a novel way. As an open-source Smart Contract, it operates on multiple blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and more.

Transforming Impermanent Loss into Impermanent Gain (IG)
What sets SMARDEX apart is its ability to transform Impermanent Loss into « Impermanent Gain (IG). » It heralds a new era for DeFi by offering an innovative solution based on robust technical principles and advanced security measures. Users can now trade decentralized ERC20 tokens while minimizing potential losses.

Why Migrate to the WFDR – USDT Pool on SMARDEX?
In our migration to the WFDR – USDT pool on SMARDEX, our primary goal is to offer our liquidity providers higher yields and a more stable experience. This transition to SMARDEX is a crucial step in enhancing opportunities for our crypto community.

We understand that this decision may raise technical questions, which is why we will soon release a comprehensive user guide that will delve into the workings of the SMARDEX protocol.

In Conclusion
We are confident that this strategic decision will open up exciting new possibilities for our crypto community. Your continued support is appreciated, and we look forward to accompanying you in this new phase of our crypto project.

Stay tuned for more stimulating information and updates. With SMARDEX, we are poised to revolutionize DeFi and provide a more stable, secure, and potentially lucrative trading experience.

Join us in this journey and discover how the SMARDEX Protocol can improve your trading operations and the management of your digital assets. The cryptocurrency exchange revolution is underway, and this is the perfect time to be a part of it.

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Unlocking the Future of Finance: The Fractal Ecosystem AMA

Unlocking the Future of Finance: The Fractal Ecosystem AMA

Before starting to read this article, please note that a French version is available here.

We are excited to inform you that an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event is scheduled for early December. The exact date will be communicated to you soon. We want to further engage you in our project and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and gain insights into various aspects of Fractal Ecosystem.

This AMA will be a unique opportunity to delve deep into our vision, strategy, and future direction. We will address critical topics such as the integration of FDR into our expanding ecosystem, business tokenization, and the new financial structure that will serve as a bridge between all our subsidiaries.

We strongly encourage our community to participate in this event. Your presence and questions are essential in helping us build a stronger and more resilient ecosystem. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and deepening the understanding of what Fractal Ecosystem represents.

Stay tuned for more details on the date, time, and participation instructions for this AMA. We are confident that it will strengthen our community and our project as a whole.

Stay connected, and together, we will build a brighter future.

FDR GLOBAL ECO: Our New Journey in Costa Rica

FDR GLOBAL ECO: Our New Journey in Costa Rica

Before starting to read this article, please note that a French version is available here.

FDR GLOBAL ECO: Our Commitment to a Strengthened Future

Over the years, our journey through financial markets and the crypto ecosystem has been marked by a series of challenges and triumphs. In the face of a constantly changing world, we felt the pressing need to rethink our approach, overcome obstacles, and forge a path toward achieving our goals. Today, we are thrilled to announce a new chapter in our journey – the creation of FDR GLOBAL ECO, our company based in Costa Rica.

Overcoming Obstacles – The Path of Resilience

Our journey has been littered with various and demanding obstacles. We’ve faced determined hacker attacks, disruptions caused by exchanges that vanished suddenly, leaving our team and community with significant losses. Moreover, we’ve had to deal with internal conflicts, including with our former CFO, demanding considerable resilience and determination.

The liquidation of IMPULSE V1 was a particularly tough moment, representing a sharp turning point in our journey. However, this ordeal also taught us the value of resilience and adaptability. In an attempt to salvage, we crafted IMPULSE V2, a bold project that ultimately laid the foundation for a new direction with IMPULSE V3 on the FDR V3 smartchain, a fork of Cosmos.

Our Commitment to the Future

Despite the trials, we are committed to forging a bright future, filled with optimism and promise. The creation of FDR GLOBAL ECO in Costa Rica signifies a significant turning point, the point where we strengthen our commitment to our mission. We’ve shown resilience and endurance, and from now on, we have the means to bring our aspirations to life and overcome any obstacles in our way.

Our team has weathered storms and challenges, but we’ve emerged stronger and more determined than ever. Costa Rica, with its innovation-friendly environment, eco-conscious philosophy, and support for new ideas, is the perfect place for our next chapter.

FDR GLOBAL ECO represents our renewed vision, our commitment to creating a crypto ecosystem that is more resilient, stronger, and future-focused. Our team is driven by new energy, ready to build a better future, together.

We are immensely grateful to our community for its unwavering support throughout our journey. You’ve been with us in tough times, and it’s thanks to you that we can take this new step with confidence.

Stay tuned, as we will keep you informed of the exciting developments ahead. Together, we will build a future where resilience and innovation unite to create boundless opportunities.

Towards a Radically New Economic Future: The 10 Compelling Benefits of the Holistic Economy

Towards a Radically New Economic Future: The 10 Compelling Benefits of the Holistic Economy

Before starting to read this article, please note that a French version is available here.

10 Reasons Why a Holistic Economy Is More Effective than Traditional Finance

Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity: A holistic economy aims to include all stakeholders, from individuals to communities, from small businesses to large corporations. Unlike traditional finance, which can exclude many people from the financial system, the holistic economy seeks to reduce inequalities by giving everyone the opportunity to participate. This means creating financial education programs and providing access to banking services for all, including underbanked populations.

Long-Term Sustainability: The holistic economy integrates principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It considers the long-term impacts of our actions, making it more resilient in the face of crises and economic shocks. This translates into incentives for adopting sustainable business practices, such as reducing carbon emissions and conserving natural resources.

Interconnected Systems: Unlike traditional finance, which often fragments financial systems, the holistic economy promotes interconnectedness among areas such as finance, environment, health, and education. This allows for a better understanding of the impacts of our decisions on the entire ecosystem, creating an environment conducive to solving complex and interdependent problems.

Community Participation: The holistic economy encourages active participation of local communities in economic decision-making. This means that people have more control over their financial future, with decentralized governance mechanisms that allow communities to decide on the allocation of local resources.

Shared Value Creation: Rather than seeking only to maximize profits for a small elite, the holistic economy aims to create value for all stakeholders, including workers, shareholders, customers, and local communities. Companies are encouraged to adopt value-sharing business models, ensuring that prosperity is shared fairly.

Transparency and Accountability: The holistic economy promotes transparency and accountability in all areas. Companies and financial institutions are encouraged to be accountable for their actions and impacts, thereby building trust in the system. This includes the establishment of sustainability reports, independent monitoring mechanisms, and sanctions for unethical behavior.

Waste Reduction: By adopting sustainability practices, the holistic economy aims to reduce resource waste, which is beneficial for both the environment and economic efficiency. This results in more efficient use of raw materials, waste reduction, and the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies.

Innovation and Collaboration: A holistic economy encourages innovation and collaboration. Companies, researchers, and entrepreneurs work together to solve complex issues of our time, creating new economic opportunities. This translates into massive investments in research and development, innovation incubators, and public-private partnerships to boost creativity and innovation.

Financial Stability: By integrating sustainability into financial decisions, the holistic economy contributes to strengthening financial stability by avoiding crises related to risky practices. This means regulating high-risk financial activities, increased market surveillance, and the implementation of safeguards to prevent financial collapses.

Long-Term Prosperity: Ultimately, the holistic economy seeks to create sustainable prosperity for all. It focuses on long-term value creation, promoting a more balanced and equitable economy. This means reducing market volatility, preparing for economic crises, and promoting investment in sustainable sectors.

In conclusion, a holistic economy offers a fresh and promising perspective for the global economic future. It aims to create a more inclusive, sustainable, transparent, and responsible financial system. By adopting these principles, we can build a more prosperous future for all, ensuring that no one is left behind.

A Holistic and Ecosystemic Approach to Address the Challenges of a New Economic and Social Era

A Holistic and Ecosystemic Approach to Address the Challenges of a New Economic and Social Era

Before starting to read this article, please note that a French version is available here.

In this era of rapid change and constant technological advancements, the way we perceive economics and investments is undergoing a profound transformation. At the heart of this revolution lies holistic economics, a visionary approach that transcends traditional economic models to incorporate human, environmental, and social values.

Holistic Economics – Beyond the Boundaries of Finance

When it comes to understanding the future of FDR, it is essential to delve into the depths of what a holistic economy truly means. This radically new approach goes beyond the traditional boundaries of finance and business to embrace an interconnected and inclusive vision of economic prosperity.

Holistic economics is not simply a reform of traditional finance but a complete overhaul of how we perceive and use money. It goes beyond mere currency exchange to create a financial ecosystem where every participant contributes to the whole. More than just a means of payment, currency becomes a tool for collaboration, fostering the creation and circulation of wealth.

At the core of this transformation are the principles of inclusivity and sustainability. A holistic economy recognizes that prosperity can only be achieved if it benefits all stakeholders, from individuals to businesses to communities. It strives to reduce inequalities and create a sustainable environment for future generations.

The Fractal Ecosystem: An Alliance with the Holistic Vision

FDR has made the bold choice to integrate into the Fractal Ecosystem, a decision that goes far beyond mere affiliation. The Fractal Ecosystem embodies the spirit of holistic economics by bringing together various businesses and initiatives under one roof. This creates an interconnected economic fabric where each entity contributes to the growth and stability of the whole.

FDR not only joins this ecosystem but becomes a key player in its structure. Evolving from a simple community coin to a strategic investment asset, FDR will play a central role in the information and capital transfer infrastructure. It will also drive the tokenization of businesses, opening new doors for investment and innovation.

The future of FDR is inseparable from the future of holistic economics. Together, we are building a new financial ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries, an ecosystem where prosperity is defined by the value we collectively create. It’s a future filled with promises and opportunities for those who believe in the power of collaboration.

Incubation by Fractal Ecosystem – A New Dimension

The next chapter of the FDR story is being written in collaboration with Fractal Ecosystem, an innovative initiative located in the heart of Costa Rica. Incubation by Fractal Ecosystem represents a pivotal moment in FDR’s evolution as it paves the way for a major transformation and an expanded vision of its role in the crypto ecosystem.

Fractal Ecosystem, led by Pierre Bondoux, is more than just a company. It embodies a holistic economic philosophy, a model that transcends traditional paradigms of finance and business. This holistic economy is rooted in a deep understanding of the interconnections between all aspects of economic, social, and environmental life.

With incubation by Fractal Ecosystem, FDR’s vision takes on a new dimension. It shifts from a simple community project to a strategic investment asset within the Fractal Ecosystem. FDR is destined to play a central role in the information and capital transfer infrastructure, as well as facilitating the tokenization of companies owned by Fractal Ecosystem.

This new strategic trajectory required a flexible and interoperable blockchain platform, and that’s where Cosmos comes in, the ideal solution for realizing this ambitious vision. Cosmos offers the unique ability to seamlessly exchange digital assets between different blockchains. This interoperability opens the door to creating smart contracts, corporate tokens, and financial flow automation.

In this new era, FDR becomes a key investment asset. As the native currency of the FDR V3 smart chain, it embodies the financial health of the Fractal Ecosystem. It is backed by assets and businesses within this interconnected ecosystem. FDR is more than just a cryptocurrency; it is an indicator of the growth and stability of the Fractal Ecosystem.

A New Smart Chain for a Holistic Future

The new smart chain based on Cosmos plays a crucial role in Fractal Ecosystem’s holistic vision. This smart chain is more than just a blockchain; it represents a complete ecosystem aimed at transforming how we invest, interact with businesses, and share financial information.

FDR V3 ushers in a new era of business tokenization. Companies can now issue their own tokens on the FDR V3 smart chain to fund their projects, establish partnerships, and create value for investors. This approach promotes democratizing investment in businesses of all kinds.

The FDR V3 smart chain provides a robust environment for smart contract development. These self-executing contracts enable the automation of various financial processes, from supply chain management to the creation of decentralized voting systems. FDR V3 smart contracts open the door to a multitude of applications and solutions for businesses and investors.

One of the primary goals of FDR V3 is to create a transparent and efficient infrastructure for the transfer of information and capital. Through this smart chain, financial transactions and relevant data can be managed in real-time, enabling more informed decision-making and complete traceability.

FDR V3 is designed to be firmly anchored in the real business world. Tokens issued on this smart chain are backed by tangible assets and companies, ensuring the stability and intrinsic value of the ecosystem. This means that FDR V3 investors can have confidence that their assets are supported by tangible assets and thriving businesses.

The Future of FDR – A Promise-Filled Horizon

FDR has come a long way since its inception as a community coin. However, our journey is just beginning, and the future looks promising and full of exciting possibilities.

Our vision for FDR is evolving, transitioning from a simple community coin to a strategic investment asset within the Fractal Ecosystem. FDR will play a key role in the information and capital transfer infrastructure and will open the door to business tokenization. That’s why we are also considering a name change that reflects our new direction and commitment to the future.

Our shift toward a holistic economy means that FDR is no longer limited to being just a cryptocurrency but becomes a true asset backed by tangible assets and businesses. This creates a solid foundation for long-term stability and growth while offering new investment opportunities.

FDR will no longer be called the French Digital Reserve, a name that no longer aligns with our new purpose. However, we will retain the iconic ticker that represents our history. The name change symbolizes our transformation into a key investment asset within the Fractal Ecosystem.

We want to reaffirm our commitment to our community. Our goal is to create a transparent, sustainable, and value-driven investment environment. We have faced challenging times, but we have emerged stronger and more determined than ever.

Moving Forward – Together Towards a Holistic Future

As we progress into this new era for FDR and the Fractal Ecosystem, it is essential to remember that this transition to a holistic economy is a collective journey. We are now united by a common vision, a vision that transcends the traditional boundaries of finance and blockchain technology. Together, we are determined to build a future where interconnectedness, sustainability, and shared prosperity are at the core of everything we undertake.

Our community has always been the cornerstone of our success. It is thanks to your unwavering support that we have overcome past challenges and are now ready to embark on this bold transformation. We thank you for your continued trust and commitment to FDR and the Fractal Ecosystem.

FDR is now becoming a key asset within the Fractal Ecosystem, and we are committed to actively contributing to its growth and expansion. Our goal is to create a robust infrastructure to facilitate the transfer of information and capital while exploring the tokenization of businesses and other financial innovations.

The transition to FDR V3 and the Cosmos smart chain is just the beginning of a larger transformation process. We are committed to working tirelessly to ensure the success of this new era. Name changes, technical updates, and new features are just a few of the upcoming steps.

As FDR evolves, its name retains deep meaning. It remains a symbol of resilience, innovation, and commitment to the future. This name will continue to remind us of our history and inspire us to face future challenges.


Incubation by Fractal Ecosystem marks the beginning of an exciting adventure for FDR and its community. We look forward to shaping a holistic future together, where the economy, technology, and community come together to create a lasting positive impact. Thank you for being part of this revolution, and stay with us as we write the next chapters of this extraordinary story.