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FDR GLOBAL ECO: Our Commitment to a Strengthened Future

Over the years, our journey through financial markets and the crypto ecosystem has been marked by a series of challenges and triumphs. In the face of a constantly changing world, we felt the pressing need to rethink our approach, overcome obstacles, and forge a path toward achieving our goals. Today, we are thrilled to announce a new chapter in our journey – the creation of FDR GLOBAL ECO, our company based in Costa Rica.

Overcoming Obstacles – The Path of Resilience

Our journey has been littered with various and demanding obstacles. We’ve faced determined hacker attacks, disruptions caused by exchanges that vanished suddenly, leaving our team and community with significant losses. Moreover, we’ve had to deal with internal conflicts, including with our former CFO, demanding considerable resilience and determination.

The liquidation of IMPULSE V1 was a particularly tough moment, representing a sharp turning point in our journey. However, this ordeal also taught us the value of resilience and adaptability. In an attempt to salvage, we crafted IMPULSE V2, a bold project that ultimately laid the foundation for a new direction with IMPULSE V3 on the FDR V3 smartchain, a fork of Cosmos.

Our Commitment to the Future

Despite the trials, we are committed to forging a bright future, filled with optimism and promise. The creation of FDR GLOBAL ECO in Costa Rica signifies a significant turning point, the point where we strengthen our commitment to our mission. We’ve shown resilience and endurance, and from now on, we have the means to bring our aspirations to life and overcome any obstacles in our way.

Our team has weathered storms and challenges, but we’ve emerged stronger and more determined than ever. Costa Rica, with its innovation-friendly environment, eco-conscious philosophy, and support for new ideas, is the perfect place for our next chapter.

FDR GLOBAL ECO represents our renewed vision, our commitment to creating a crypto ecosystem that is more resilient, stronger, and future-focused. Our team is driven by new energy, ready to build a better future, together.

We are immensely grateful to our community for its unwavering support throughout our journey. You’ve been with us in tough times, and it’s thanks to you that we can take this new step with confidence.

Stay tuned, as we will keep you informed of the exciting developments ahead. Together, we will build a future where resilience and innovation unite to create boundless opportunities.