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Global Operation, Decentralized & Eco-friendly

Born from a community project, French Digital Reserve is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to offer multiple financial services such as cash transfers, payments, savings or to get profits from DeFi tokens.

Get Passive Income Backed by DeFi

French Digital Reserve is one of the first masternode coin to maximize rewards values using DeFi tokens. The profits earned on the family of tokens are reinvested in the markets through massive buybacks. This daily action produces a permanent buying pressure in order to increase the value of your investment.


Works through a decentralized network. Payments are made without unnecessary control.


Build a masternodes to secure the blockchain or just hold coins in your wallet to get rewards.


Profits earned are reinvested into the markets to maximize the value of your invest.

Impulse by FDR

A Bridge To The Decentralized Finance

IMPULSE is a high frequency algorithm for market making on the ETH/USD pair via the Bybit exchange platform guaranteed by an erc20 token and decentralized finance on Uniswap. It is designed to evolve organically without private and/or public selling and intelligent capital management.

Sending Payments

Be Your Own Bank

It begins with total security, keep full control over your funds, our wallets are available on Windows, Linux, Mac and Raspberry. With Tiered Masternodes or POS, get rewards every day, spend them on one of our platforms.

We Host Files

Send & Receive Unlimited Size File

Uses a simple, easy to understand, webmail-like interface for sending unlimited size files. Modern HTML 5 upload mechanism where supported. No Flash, Java or any other plugin used to send or download files.

Find Your Masternodes

Free Masternodes Hosting

An all-in-one site of tools for masternodes projects (Statistics, Hosting, Monitoring, Portfolio & more). We’ve made exclusive deals, French Digital Reserve masternodes are hosted for free.

Block To Gift

Buy Hundreds Of Gift Cards With Cryptocurrencies

Find the perfect gift from hundreds of gift cards, subscriptions for your favourite video games or travel with your family at a lower price. Register for free and discover the catalogue, view savings dedicated to the member community and enjoy attractives prices.

Web Wallet

Easy to use, accessible on all web browsers

If you are not comfortable setting up desktop wallets, we have provided a Web Wallet to make it easier for you to access your funds and send money to the services of your choice.





Latest News

What Are Tiered Masternodes?

What Are Tiered Masternodes?

Dash is the first cryptocurrency to incorporate a two tiered network. The first tier is comprised of PoW miners who are responsible for the creation of new blocks and the security of the network. Whereas the second tier consist of Masternodes. These masternodes are...

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Coin Type

Tiered Masternodes /

Proof of Stake



Block Time

60 sec ( 1440 blocks/day )

Max Block Size

2 MB ( 154 TX/sec )

Min Stake Age

1H ( 60 blocks )

Coin Maturity


Max Coin Supply

24 000 000

RPC Port


P2P Port



Months Since Launch




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