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I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your presence and active participation in our recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session held on our Discord server on September 30, 2023. This meeting was of utmost importance as it provided a crucial opportunity to review the current status of FDR, share significant developments for our project, and further strengthen trust and transparency within our investor community.

Context and Objectives

As you are well aware, FDR has encountered several major challenges over the past few months, including incidents of exit scams and the unexpected closure of centralized exchanges where our project was previously listed. The primary goal of this meeting was to openly discuss these challenges and the proactive measures we have taken to preserve the integrity and long-term viability of our project.

FDR and Exchanges: A New Path Forward

Among the pivotal decisions we’ve made is to no longer list on centralized exchanges. We acknowledge that this decision has had financial implications for both us and our investor community. Nevertheless, we hold a deep conviction that this transition to exclusive use of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) is a vital step in ensuring security and resilience against uncertainties associated with centralized exchanges.

PancakeSwap Pool Change: A Prudent Strategy

Another significant announcement pertained to the migration of the WFDR-BUSD pool to WFDR-USDT on SmartDEX. This decision arose from our growing concerns regarding BUSD, and our desire to safeguard the interests of our investor community. We’ve selected SmartDEX for its innovative feature set, particularly the incentivization of liquidity providers, which we believe will revolutionize the ecosystem.

Incubation by Fractal Ecosystem: A Major Milestone

We are thrilled to announce our incubation by Fractal Ecosystem, a company with its headquarters based in Costa Rica. This strategic collaboration will transform FDR into a smartchain, a backbone of the interconnected Fractal ecosystem. After careful consideration, we’ve opted for Cosmos, offering a comprehensive range of tools and opportunities, from blockchain interoperability to enterprise tokenization.

New Vision for FDR: From Community to Investment

Our vision for FDR is evolving, shifting from a mere community coin to a strategic investment asset within the Fractal ecosystem. FDR will play a pivotal role in information and capital transfer infrastructure, opening the door to enterprise tokenization. Therefore, we are also considering a name change that reflects our new direction and commitment to the future.

Impulse V3 and Tokens Vested: A New Dynamic

In parallel with these developments, we’ve taken the initiative to reclaim Impulse V2. In this regard, we will release vested tokens, allowing our investor community to decide on the future of this endeavor. This decision does not alter our buyback strategy, which aims to bolster the asset’s value over time.

Managing Conflicts with the Former CFO: Staying the Course

Unfortunately, our disputes with the former CFO remain unresolved, despite our efforts to address outstanding issues. We’ve cooperated with all parties who filed complaints against him and have always been available to collaborate with authorities if necessary. We will continue our efforts to prevent potential future harm.

Intervention by Pierre Bondoux of Fractal Ecosystem: Enlightening Insights

We had the privilege of hosting Pierre Bondoux, founder of Fractal Ecosystem, who shared the mission, vision, and the initial operating enterprises within this ecosystem. His presence provided valuable context to our decision to merge with Fractal Ecosystem and create a shared project.

Conclusion: Committed to the Future

In conclusion, this meeting marked a pivotal moment in underscoring our unwavering commitment to tirelessly work toward the future of FDR, despite the challenges we’ve had to overcome. Your ongoing support is a constant source of inspiration to us, and we are resolute in realizing our ambitious vision.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the investor community that has supported us for many years. We’ve promised never to abandon this project, and what we’ve shared today heralds a promising future.