There are two types of nft, those backed by the rewards from masternode and those without. There are two sorts of NFT those based on hype and ponzi and those with a long term strategy. Even without any knowledge for masternode, you’ll receive your rewards on the BSC.

wFDR token
Monthly airdrop

Allows you to receive Masternodes FDR rewards to a Binance Smart Chain address as wrapped FDRs on a monthly basis (between the 1st and the 5th of each month)

Take part in securing the network 

The collaterals used to generate the airdrops are managed by the FDR team and hosted on the platform developed by French Digital Reserve :

Deflationary system

Collaterals dedicated to NFTs will never be sold on the market.
Each NFT mint is therefore a deflationary event for the FDR coin and wFDR token.


Each of these NFT is backed by a Masternode, there can’t be more NFT than Masternodes, so their number is limited.
Each NFT is linked to an address holding the collateral, this information is available in one click via a blockchain explorer.

You can swap FDR for an NFT (contact our team)


5% rewards (management and hosting)
3% swap fee when selling NFTs between holders.
Swap fees from FDR bridge to wFDR (and vice versa) are included.

To access the NFT marketplace, go to:


Be careful, only the address holding an NFT will receive the airdrops generated by it.
We strongly recommend every investors to possess their own NFT.
Sharing an NFT between several investors creates the risk of not receiving wFDR if the co-owner holding the NFT is not trustworthy.
Under no circumstances will the FDR team be responsible for such a practice.
Please make sure before buying that the NFT was created by the official FDR address 0xC64E6Fe4139C3b72521B97A5d4F9cbbCfbA532C1