Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain BBEP-20
Token Contract: 0xd2fb841ad6f0655f8993461ff7e7669a5f61545f

Total Supply: 240 000 IMPULSE
Circulating supply (on Feb 11rd): 6 696 
Nature: Central-controlled deflationary compounder
Marketing and Community Rewards: None
Development Fund: None
Pre-Sale: None
Private-Sale: None
Public-Sale: None
Initial Uniswap liquidity Before moving On BSC: 4 ETH <-> 400 IMPULSE
Transactions Fees : 2 % for the holders, 2% send to a DCA Algorithm

Business model

60% swap to BUSD and sent to FTX to work with the state-of-art fee rebate farming through a proprietary High-Frequency Market-Making Algorithm from which 60% of profit buys back IMPULSE on PanCakeSwap, 10% compound interest in the bot and 30% as the performance fee distributed as follows:
– 25% buyback FDR of which 50% for the trader and 50% for the FDR team.
– 5% Partners 
30% swap to BUSD and sent to PanCakeSwap Liquidity pool to allow hybrid custody so investors can have instant liquidity 24/7.
10% apreciation: price increase on Pancake Swap early investors and deter bots and speculators.


Token Contract: 0xd2fb841ad6f0655f8993461ff7e7669a5f61545f

Contract Code: #code

Token IMPULSE v2 Holder and PancakeSwap Trade / Liquidity movements: 0x2a7169e00f0aaaeb3bf25b8f0a3dadc0dad72772

IMPULSE v2 Holders : 


CoinMarketCap listing:

DexTool  listing:



Information about the Funding Algo System on FTX

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How to buy the IMPULSE token and get exposure to the bot

-> Download metamask wallet:

-> Trade BUSD for IMPULSE on PanCakeSwap:

If you know how to use, can go directly to the exchange app:

Then, its just a matter of holding the token on your metamask wallet OR…

->re-add into liquidity pool to get extra fee rebate (0.3% slice) from subsequent IMPULSE-BUSD trades:

to add liquidity you gonna need the two sides of the pair ( busd & impulse)

Adding IMPULSE to Metamask


quick tutorial to add the asset on you metamask's token list

1- Open the metamask plugin

2- Go to Assets -> add token -> custom token

3- Put the IMPULSE contract address: 0xd2fb841ad6f0655f8993461ff7e7669a5f61545f