Risks and Disclaimer

-The token, System, exchange, or even me are not regulated by any centralized authority.

-Derivatives, Futures, Leveraged, Crypto Trading is an aggressive investment. Only Buy Impulse tokens with money you can afford to lose.

-The token is fully backed by real investors, including we. There is no artificial inflation system or small lines. Every fund movement is auditable on the blockchain. Investors can request partitioned entry to reduce price slippage, but not OTC. All entries are through uniswap to maintain the algorithm pricing fair.

-Risky endeavors can be very profitable, but profit without risk are scams. We try to tame the risk in the very best manner possible to maintain a sustainable, steady financial growth, but we are not a robot (yet) and we can make an eventual mistake. The human side helps using good sense to make adaptations on the run for the best of the supersystem.


Email: [email protected]

@gentilvirus or @Quetio on Telegram.