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Blockchain: ETHEREUM ERC-20
Token Contract: 0x696c1de4e7f475d5231372c47a627e4cd6ce555a

Total Supply: 100,000 IMPULSE
Circulating supply (on Feb 11rd): 6 696 Impulse* *Circulating supply = Total supply – Supply on team address – Supply on Liquidity Pool
Nature: Central-controlled deflationary compounder
Marketing and Community Rewards: None
Development Fund: None
Pre-Sale: None
Private-Sale: None
Public-Sale: None
Initial Uniswap liquidity: 4 ETH <-> 400 IMPULSE

Business model

60% swap to ETH and sent to Bybit to work with the state-of-art fee rebate farming through a proprietary High-Frequency Market-Making Algorithm from which 60% of profit buys back IMPULSE on Uniswap, 10% compound interest in the bot and 30% as the performance fee distributed as follows:
– 25% buyback FDR of which 50% for the trader and 50% for the FDR team.
– 5% buyback OVOA
30% swap to ETH and sent to Uniswap Liquidity pool to allow hybrid custody so investors can have instant liquidity 24/7.
10% apreciation: price increase on Uniswap early investors and deter bots and speculators.


Token Contract: 0x696c1de4e7f475d5231372c47a627e4cd6ce555a

Source Code: #code

Token IMPULSE Holder and Uniswap Trade / Liquidity movements: 0x2a7169e00f0aaaeb3bf25b8f0a3dadc0dad72772

Uniswap wETH<->IMPULSE Smart contract and trades: 0x54fEbFC615D90c8B3e836C6e5aeABbb734e1672F

Bybit ETH Flow addresses:

Bybit’s algorithm 3rd party audit:
Acc #1 https://www.equite.io/en/skTc-Pm-yI

CoinMarketCap listing:

Coingecko listing: https://www.coingecko.com/fr/pi%C3%A8ces/impulse-by-fdr

TradingView listing: https://fr.tradingview.com/symbols/IMPULSEWETH/?exchange=UNISWAP



Information about the Bot System on Bybit

-It trades on a high volume crypto derivatives Exchange: Bybit

-It trades ETHUSD pair, in an Ultra-High Frequency

example of the trades happening on bybit

an updated snapshot of the trades

The bot benchmark is to achieve ~0.5% Return per day.

The algorithm is state-of-art zone Market-Making Spread hybrid with Dynamic Stop-loss

Zone Market-Making bot in action

Up-to-date snapshot of the bot in action


Each Bybit Acc can hold up to 300ETH but there is no limit to Account creation. Being a derivative and trades being faded in zones it does not create discretionary walls that can affect the price. The setup offers very low slippage risk and operates within Alameda Research outer boundary limits.



How to buy the IMPULSE token and get exposure to the bot

-> Download metamask wallet: https://metamask.io/

-> Trade ETH for IMPULSE on Uniswap:
If you are new to Uniswap, check this tutorial: https://medium.com/@TheDannyLes/uniswap-a-beginners-guide-2f3b8a769600

If you know how to use, can go directly to the exchange app:

Then, its just a matter of holding the token on your metamask wallet OR…

->re-add into liquidity pool to get extra fee rebate (0.3% slice) from subsequent IMPULSE-wETH trades:

to add liquidity you gonna need the two sides of the pair (eth AND impulse)


Did you know? You can swap any token on ethereum blockchain to IMPULSE and vice-versa

Step-by-Step: 1inch dex


how to buy and sell IMPULSE using 1inch exchange

You can also trade the IMPULSE token using 1inch.exchange:

add the IMPULSE contract there: 0x696c1de4e7f475d5231372c47a627e4cd6ce555a

Unlock the desired amount, check fees and make the trade.


On 1inch you can trade any ERC-20 token listed to IMPULSE, so it's a great way to clean your wallet and increase exposure to the IMPULSE project by FDR


TIP: how to buy IMPULSE with BTC, ZEC or BCH

Step 1: use RENbridge (https://bridge.renproject.io/) to trade BTC to renBTC (renBTC is 1:1 price to BTC but runs as erc-20 – ethereum blockchain)

Step 2: After renBTC arrives on your wallet, go to 1inch exchange (https://1inch.exchange/#/r/0xdd1348721D575c02d6b617BC721d54c8C3FC738b) (its a dex) and add IMPULSE contract ID as a custom token on the upper right corner (+ signal) -> 0x696c1de4e7f475d5231372c47a627e4cd6ce555a

Step 3: Select renBTC, unlock the amount, and do the swap!

Adding IMPULSE to Metamask


quick tutorial to add the asset on you metamask's token list

1- Open the metamask plugin

2- Go to Assets -> add token -> custom token

3- Put the IMPULSE contract address: 0x696c1de4e7f475d5231372c47a627e4cd6ce555a