How does it work ?

This innovative token represents a share of hashing power, distributed among several trusted providers. The bitcoins mined through this hashing power will be used to support the Hashning project (75%) and to finance FDR (25%), thereby ensuring continuous appreciation of these tokens.

To purchase or trade the Hashning token, you can use WFDR directly, or your masternode rewards. Additionally, you will have the option to buy it with any other asset available on SMARDEX, making this new investment accessible to all members of our community.

This launch marks a significant milestone in our overall strategy. All our future projects and tokens (including Hashning and Impulse) will be indexed to WFDR, which, as previously announced, becomes the central investment asset of our expanding ecosystem. The strength of WFDR will enhance the resilience and stability of our entire ecosystem. It will play a crucial role as a financial vehicle for the numerous upcoming projects, fostering sustainable and sustained growth.

Our commitment to building a robust and interconnected ecosystem is stronger than ever. Every project we launch, every token we introduce, aims to enrich and strengthen this ecosystem while offering attractive and responsible investment opportunities. We are confident that the strength of WFDR, as the index of our ecosystem, will significantly contribute to its resilience and long-term prosperity.


Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain BEP-20
Contract page: 0x4c0049500936Efe7A73B63eC6adcEBce5a3B8915

Total Supply: 42 Millions HNING
Pre-Sale (Vested): 1 628 500 HNING
Release of Vested Tokens: 10% each month

Circulating supply (on May 28th): 162 850
Marketing and Community Rewards: None
Development Fund: None
Private-Sale: None
Public-Sale: None